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Facebook Trip To Africa Leads To More Efficient App

Facebook has rolled out an update for its Android app which is meant to speed things up for users. The app has been known to be somewhat slow at times on a top end phone and with a decent internet connection however if the company has delivered on its latest promise then we have a company trip to Africa to thank for it.

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The FBI Is ‘Down With The Young Folk’

via The Verge

The FBI has a list detailing about 2,800 of the many different abbreviations and acronyms used on social media. In addition to familiar terms like LOL or BRB, the 83-page lexicon contains more inexplicable entries like YTP (YouTube Poop) and WYLASOMWTC (Would you like a saucer of milk with that comment?).

There are also incriminating shorthands such as GAC (Guilty as Charged) and IITYWIMIWHTKY (If I tell you what it means, I will have to kill you). While comprehensive, the compilation appears somewhat dated in places. A troll, for example, is defined as a deliberately provocative “message board” user.

According to the introduction preceding each page, the glossary of Internet terms was put together by the agency’s Intelligence Research Support Unit and is adorably described as useful for “keeping up” with children or grandchildren.

The list was published after a Freedom of Information request was filed through MuckRock, an organization that assists the public in acquiring data from the federal government.

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How Technologi Tab Gets Content To You

Today is a little behind the scenes piece on how we share content via our social media channels, what software we use, how we use it and how the whole process comes together in the early hours of the morning so that all of the content we hope you enjoy gets pushed out in a nice timely manner.

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