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Facebook Trip To Africa Leads To More Efficient App

Facebook has rolled out an update for its Android app which is meant to speed things up for users. The app has been known to be somewhat slow at times on a top end phone and with a decent internet connection however if the company has delivered on its latest promise then we have a company trip to Africa to thank for it.

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Foursquare To Split Their App In Two

Do you use Foursquare? It may or may not be a popular app on your phone, for me it is something I might check out from time to time. Occasionally I will check into a place however my feed is pretty dead. I don’t see much on there and the reason? I only have a small handful of friends on Foursquare and of that small handful none of them really use the app all that much. However I have always appreciated the app and what they are trying to do and achieve.

Well now Foursquare are splitting in two, they are taking the one app and cutting it down the middle to launch a new app called, ‘Swarm.’ Will it work though?

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