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Pinterest Is On A Voyage Of Discovery

Pinterest is branching out with new discovery tools again, something that turns out to be quite necessary when you have people pinning stuff they find all over the web onto one place.

Pinterest announced last Thursday that you can now follow specific interests as well as following specific users.

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You Can Now Get The OS X Beta! But Is It A Good Idea?

You, yes thats right, you! You can now get the OS X beta for upcoming releases if you of course have an Apple Mac. Previously you had to be a developer to get your hands on the beta versions but Apple has now decided that anyone can avail of the programme. Simply go to the Apple website, access the developer portal, sign up for the programme and Apple will seed the latest beta to you. Go ahead and install it for free and you can have the latest version of OS X before public release!

However, is this a good idea? I mean the latest software could sound pretty good to some users, but is there a risk associated with doing this? Also, if there is a risk, then just how big of a risk is it?

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Blackberry Is Entering The Mobile Assistant Game

Recently Microsoft released Cortana, a rival to Google Now and Siri however they won’t be the only company to come into the game with a personal voice assistant. Blackberry have one in the works too, at least that is according to a new test build of Blackberry 10. The feature is known as “Intelligent Assistant” (which is likely to change should this service hit the market).

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular and with Blackberry searching for ways to survive it would not be a shock if they decided to join the party too.

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Does OS X 10.10 Need A ‘Flatter’ Design?

Last year Apple released their new version of OS X, as they have done over the past few years on a yearly basis. The previous version of OS X brought features such as iBooks, Maps, interactive notifications and more, along with a bundle of under the hood improvements. A new line of naming was also introduced, OS X Mavericks, breaking away from the line of cat names. Another revolutionary step by Apple however was to introduce the new operating system for free. Not a penny to upgrade, and people loved it. On top of that Apple said afterwards that future versions of the operating system will be free also, so we will get a new version of OS X this year again for free. However, what does Apple need to do to up the game even further?

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Mailbox Is Expanding

Mailbox is without a doubt the best email app I have used for iOS to date. I love it, the swiping, the structure of the app, the layout, everything is beautiful. It is the perfect app and it is how email for iOS should be done. Up to this point Mailbox has been exclusive to iOS however as of today they are expanding their horizons.

Welcome, Mailbox for Android!

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Uber Unveils New Service – Uber Rush

Uber is a venture-funded start up transportation company which was founded in San Francisco. It connects the user to a driver who is available for hire and allows the user to request a pick up and pay through the application. But these are no ordinary drivers either, Uber cars are all about comfort and style at an affordable price, far from a Taxi you would get from your local cab office.

The company is ever expanding and is now providing their service in 32 countries across the world, recently they launched in my home town of Dublin (excellent service by the way, I love Uber so far) and their application also allows users to track where their car is after they have requested a pick up.

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