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LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles

LinkedIn’s flagship app has just been given a major facelift.

The company has rolled out an update which unveils new user profile designs and adds contextual information. This extra info aims to make it easier to initiate conversations with others even if you are not connected.

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‘Bolt’, New App Or New Ad?

Instagram has us guessing, a little bit of a tease if you will.

An ad for a new app appeared mysteriously on Instagram on Wednesday, Android users reported seeing a banner style app-install advert on their Instagram feeds which, according to Techcrunch, features a “one tap photo messaging” app called Bolt.

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Pinterest Is On A Voyage Of Discovery

Pinterest is branching out with new discovery tools again, something that turns out to be quite necessary when you have people pinning stuff they find all over the web onto one place.

Pinterest announced last Thursday that you can now follow specific interests as well as following specific users.

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Google Brings Augmented Reality To iOS

via Apple Insider

Long a favorite of Android’s early adopter crowd, iOS users can now get in on the augmented reality fun of Ingress — a game in which players battle through the real world to secure virtual portals for their team — after Google’s Niantic Labs released an official client on the App Store

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BBM For Windows Phone Opens Up

There have been plenty of requests for BBM to come to Windows Phone after it arrived on iOS and Android some time ago, lord knows why though because I am still struggling to find people who use BBM these days. They must be out there somewhere though because the request for BBM has been so high.

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Amazon Launches Dedicated Storefront For Wearables

via iMore.com

Amazon UK has launched a dedicated store that features various wearable devices across categories like activity trackers, smartwatches, smartglasses, wearable cameras and more.

With over a 100 different products already listed, Amazon’s wearable technology store currently offers the largest selection of wearable devices.


The store features several guides on the different kinds of wearable devices available for purchase, including device compatibility information and user reviews. There is also a “coming soon” section that highlights upcoming devices in this segment.

Products currently listed on the store include smartwatches from mainstream vendors, like LG’s G Watch, along with other wearable devices from brands like Pebble, Jawbone, Fitbit, Garmin and others.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon’s Wearable Technology Store and browse the latest in the world of wearables.