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Fake Google+ Usernames Are Cool Again

Google+ has dropped its strict name policy from last Tuesday which means all you crazy kids and trolls on YouTube can go and change it to whatever you want.

In 2011 when Google+ launched, there were restrictions on users adopting fake names. Now Google is throwing all the rules out the window and allowing you to choose whatever you want as your name.

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Google Brings Augmented Reality To iOS

via Apple Insider

Long a favorite of Android’s early adopter crowd, iOS users can now get in on the augmented reality fun of Ingress — a game in which players battle through the real world to secure virtual portals for their team — after Google’s Niantic Labs released an official client on the App Store

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Amazon Launches Dedicated Storefront For Wearables

via iMore.com

Amazon UK has launched a dedicated store that features various wearable devices across categories like activity trackers, smartwatches, smartglasses, wearable cameras and more.

With over a 100 different products already listed, Amazon’s wearable technology store currently offers the largest selection of wearable devices.


The store features several guides on the different kinds of wearable devices available for purchase, including device compatibility information and user reviews. There is also a “coming soon” section that highlights upcoming devices in this segment.

Products currently listed on the store include smartwatches from mainstream vendors, like LG’s G Watch, along with other wearable devices from brands like Pebble, Jawbone, Fitbit, Garmin and others.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon’s Wearable Technology Store and browse the latest in the world of wearables.



Mobile Is The Future Of Dating?

If you are single, looking to mingle and happen to own a smartphone then you have a wealth of different mobile dating apps and services at your disposal in order to meet your potential other half. In an age where technology is starting to rule everything, traditional ways of getting a date are dying out and it is location based applications that are starting to dominate the industry.

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LG’s G Watch has a smartphone processor inside

Google thinks it’s finally time for smartwatches. Its Android Wear collaboration with LG goes on pre-order today in 12 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

The G Watch might only be a wearable, but inside beats the heart of a smartphone… processor. Behind the 1.65-inch (280 x 280) IPS display, there’s a substantial Snapdragon 400 chip — the same Qualcomm processor found inside the Galaxy S4 Mini. Below, we’ve got the whole spec rundown, and we’re told the G Watch will be available for $229.

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Google To Set The Standards For Base Price Phones

You get what you pay for, buy a cheap iPhone on Craigslist? Well it could either be a fake or it could be a useless piece of trash, spend the cash on one? You get a great experience. Buy a good Android device at a decent price? You get a good Android experience, buy a cheap Android device? Then you get a cheap experience.

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Google Bringing Material Design To It’s Platforms

Google is bringing a new UI to all of it’s interfaces known as material. The design is now going to be implemented in a bid to create a new ‘visual language’ for users. The design is going to take advantage of more available space and bring a more consistent user experience to both mobile and desktop operating systems.

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