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A Factory Reset Does Not Make Your Android Ready For Sale

Planning on offloading your Android phone? Well one thing that all smartphone users MUST do these days is to ensure that all personal data is wiped from the device before handing it over to somebody else. However that can take more than just simply doing a factory reset.

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Researched ‘Online Privacy’? The NSA May Be Watching You

An analysis of the NSA’s XKeyscore system has revealed that simply visiting the website of the privacy service is enough to get you registered as an “extremist.”

A report by German television found that the NSA’s packet-sniffing targets anyone interested in online privacy — with those outside of the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand marked down for extra surveillance.

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Mobile Is The Future Of Dating?

If you are single, looking to mingle and happen to own a smartphone then you have a wealth of different mobile dating apps and services at your disposal in order to meet your potential other half. In an age where technology is starting to rule everything, traditional ways of getting a date are dying out and it is location based applications that are starting to dominate the industry.

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eBay Advises All Users To Change Their Passwords

eBay has advised ALL users to change their passwords following a security breach where confidential data was stolen from the eBay servers. eBay is telling both active and inactive users to update to a new password straight away, the breach has only been confirmed by investigators this week however it actually occurred sometime in February/March.

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Google Now Reminds You When Payment Is Due

If there is one thing I miss from Android it has to be the Google Now integration. Sure, I can get Google Now on my iPhone but half the time I forget about it and go to Siri purely due to convenience. Google Now is just incredibly useful with personalised data in the form of cards that auto update.

Google Now has a new update coming it would seem and it is all about the billing data.

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