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Amazon Mayday Support Getting Some ‘Odd’ Requests

When I first saw the advert I knew this was going to happen, mainly because when I saw the mayday button in action I knew I would be one of those people to screw around with it. For those of you who may not know, Mayday offers a whole new level of customer interaction, the ability to see the person who is trying to help you on the other end.

Of course this has led to an opening for abuse of the system and CEO Jeff Bezos has revealed that Amazon get some unusual requests via the mayday feature.

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French Mobile Contract Vending Machine

In Ireland, and in many countries I imagine, phone contracts involve you going into the store, presenting your ID, filling out forms, providing a bank statement and setting up a direct debit. It is not a difficult process and pretty much anyone can get one, they are not rejected based on how much you earn as such. Well French citizens are about to have it as easy as buying a French baguette.

Introducing, the mobile phone contract vending machine! A sim vending kiosk arriving in France soon.

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