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Paralympics tops trending table

5 Twitter Mistakes You Should Not Make

So you are on Twitter, whether you are a new user or a regular tweeter, you are on what is personally my favourite social network. The big question then is, what do I do now? Do I share every waking moment? How do I get more people to follow me? What’s up with the bird?

Well here are five Twitter mistakes that you will never make again, and should maybe not have made in the first place.

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Using Pinterest For Business

So, you are a business and you are in or venturing into the world of social media. For many businesses this tends to go along the lines of, Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. YouTube? Check.

Pinterest is one of the more feared social networks for businesses to jump in to, however it can generate leads, sales and traffic if used in the right way.

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Google Bringing Material Design To It’s Platforms

Google is bringing a new UI to all of it’s interfaces known as material. The design is now going to be implemented in a bid to create a new ‘visual language’ for users. The design is going to take advantage of more available space and bring a more consistent user experience to both mobile and desktop operating systems.

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Paralympics tops trending table

How Technologi Tab Gets Content To You

Today is a little behind the scenes piece on how we share content via our social media channels, what software we use, how we use it and how the whole process comes together in the early hours of the morning so that all of the content we hope you enjoy gets pushed out in a nice timely manner.

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E3: The Sims 4 & NHL15 Release Dates

EA has announced release dates for The Sims 4 and NHL 15, both of which we caught a preview of at E3 this year, The Sims 4 will launch September 2nd while NHL 15 will follow a week later on September 9th.

The release dates were announced after the keynote in a press pack from EA, if you preorder NHL 15 you will also get $15 worth of Hockey Ultimate Team content.

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