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Google Brings Augmented Reality To iOS

via Apple Insider

Long a favorite of Android’s early adopter crowd, iOS users can now get in on the augmented reality fun of Ingress — a game in which players battle through the real world to secure virtual portals for their team — after Google’s Niantic Labs released an official client on the App Store

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EU Ruling Allows Apple To Trademark Store Layout

Apple’s stores are highly distinctive, so much so that other companies have taken a similar approach to their own store layouts. Germany’s patent office rejected a patent application that was made by Apple last year for it’s stores, despite admitting that the retail layout was “an essential aspect of (its) business.”

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Amazon Launches Dedicated Storefront For Wearables

via iMore.com

Amazon UK has launched a dedicated store that features various wearable devices across categories like activity trackers, smartwatches, smartglasses, wearable cameras and more.

With over a 100 different products already listed, Amazon’s wearable technology store currently offers the largest selection of wearable devices.


The store features several guides on the different kinds of wearable devices available for purchase, including device compatibility information and user reviews. There is also a “coming soon” section that highlights upcoming devices in this segment.

Products currently listed on the store include smartwatches from mainstream vendors, like LG’s G Watch, along with other wearable devices from brands like Pebble, Jawbone, Fitbit, Garmin and others.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon’s Wearable Technology Store and browse the latest in the world of wearables.



Apple Hires Tag Heuer Marketing Executive

Apple has hired the sales director for Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer. The man was apparently hired to help launch Apple’s long-rumored iWatch, thought by many to be coming this fall.


The unnamed executive left TAG Heuer last week Jean-Claude Biver, head of watch brands for TAG Heuer’s parent company LVMH, believes that this has to do with how Apple will market the watch, according to CNBC:

Apple’s plans to hire Swiss watch experts are an attempt to market its product as “Swiss made”, which senior luxury goods analyst at Bernstein, Mario Ortelli, said is a label that is synonymous with quality when it comes to watches.

Apple, along with other tech companies, is said to have been trying to hire Swiss watchmakers and watch executives for wearable projects. How would you feel about a “Swiss-made” iWatch? Leave your thoughts with us below in the comments.



Mobile Is The Future Of Dating?

If you are single, looking to mingle and happen to own a smartphone then you have a wealth of different mobile dating apps and services at your disposal in order to meet your potential other half. In an age where technology is starting to rule everything, traditional ways of getting a date are dying out and it is location based applications that are starting to dominate the industry.

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SF Stops Apps Which Buy Parking Spaces

San Francisco has put a stop to people using apps to rent out parking spots as if they own them. ‘Monkey Parking’ – an app which allows people to rent out parking spots received a cease and desist letter from the San Francisco city attorney which has also ordered Apple to remove the app from its store.

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Apple Taking Applications For $100 Million Education Program

As part of the White House’s ConnectED program, Apple has started sending out applications to schools across the country. The Cupertino based company has said it will pledge $100 million in an effort to seamlessly integrate technology into learning and education.

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Why I Only Recommend The Nexus Experience

When I first got an Android phone in 2010 I decided to pick up a HTC Hero, and it sucked. The software, the whole experience put me off Android at the time. It was laggy, it crashed frequently enough and not long after I was pining for my iPhone back again, not long after I bought the HTC Hero there was no more software support for it. This is the now age old problem of Android fragmentation, something Google are trying to eradicate however it is still a common problem for most users. Continue reading