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Paypal’s App Can Save Your Loyalty Cards

via Engadget

If Joe’s Diner gives you a free slider every ten meals, you may no longer need to schlep around a punch card if you use PayPal.

It’s latest iOS app now works with loyalty cards from select retailers just by scanning a barcode on your physical card. That’ll save it into your PayPal wallet in a similar way to Apple’s Passbook and Microsoft’s Wallet, letting you score discounts or other deals.

The company also squashed a few bugs and killed the old-school check-scanning feature. So far, the update applies only to iOS devices, but we’d imagine it’ll hit Android soon as well.



Review | Philips Hue

The other week I finally got my hands on the Philips Hue starter pack, something that I have wanted to get for some time now however I have considered it somewhat of a luxury in terms of price. Thankfully I got a nice unexpected bonus in my wages recently and decided to finally splash out.

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BBM For Windows Phone Opens Up

There have been plenty of requests for BBM to come to Windows Phone after it arrived on iOS and Android some time ago, lord knows why though because I am still struggling to find people who use BBM these days. They must be out there somewhere though because the request for BBM has been so high.

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Uber Declared Legal In London – Sorry Black Cab Drivers

A few weeks ago black cab drivers in London held a protest and brought the capital to a standstill over Uber. They claimed that it was unfair on them and the debate centred on a taxi meter issue which are only allowed in London’s black cabs in the city. Cab drivers argued that the Uber smartphone app serves as a taxi meter and therefore breaks the rules.

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Mobile Is The Future Of Dating?

If you are single, looking to mingle and happen to own a smartphone then you have a wealth of different mobile dating apps and services at your disposal in order to meet your potential other half. In an age where technology is starting to rule everything, traditional ways of getting a date are dying out and it is location based applications that are starting to dominate the industry.

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