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Review | Philips Hue

The other week I finally got my hands on the Philips Hue starter pack, something that I have wanted to get for some time now however I have considered it somewhat of a luxury in terms of price. Thankfully I got a nice unexpected bonus in my wages recently and decided to finally splash out.

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Review | UFC PS4

Ultimate Fighting Championship, the mix of boxing and martial arts has arrived to next generation consoles however what makes this even more interesting is that this particular version of the game has been made specifically for the PS4 and Xbox One, want it for ‘current gen’?

Not possible I’m afraid.

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Mobile Is The Future Of Dating?

If you are single, looking to mingle and happen to own a smartphone then you have a wealth of different mobile dating apps and services at your disposal in order to meet your potential other half. In an age where technology is starting to rule everything, traditional ways of getting a date are dying out and it is location based applications that are starting to dominate the industry.

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Paralympics tops trending table

How Technologi Tab Gets Content To You

Today is a little behind the scenes piece on how we share content via our social media channels, what software we use, how we use it and how the whole process comes together in the early hours of the morning so that all of the content we hope you enjoy gets pushed out in a nice timely manner.

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My iOS 8 Wish-List

WWDC is just around the corner, the opening keynote of the conference is used to announce new products and future plans, mainly centred around software and not always focusing on the hardware. With the yearly trends in mind, we would expect to see the next version of iOS being announced to the world and it seems that has pretty much been confirmed as iOS 8 banners were spotted at the Moscone centre yesterday.

So what do I want from iOS 8 then?

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