In March 2014 I started this blog, it was called ‘Technologi Tab’ and the idea was simply to have a space for myself to write about technology, if people wanted to read it then even better.

I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it however my real passion was in social media, so two months after started a university course in Digital Marketing and Social Media, I got so hooked on the course content that I decided to rebrand the website and take it in a new direction.

5 months of writing about technology in general and I decided that the reality was I wanted to focus on one main area and not the topic as a whole, so 60 Second Social was born.

This website aims to bring the latest news, great tips and opinion pieces on the topic of social media and digital marketing.

We are in an era where people are constantly connected through the power of social media, from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, iMessage…some of you maybe even hang out on Google+!

Well we are going to cover the latest news and opinions on all of these and hopefully share some tips along the way, if you have content that you want to be seen on the web, it is possible we may have the solution to getting it seen by others, even if we don’t know what the solution is yet.

Thanks for checking us out though, if you like what we have on offer then please like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter (not in real life – that is just creepy), sign up for our email updates, and we hope you may just stick around.


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