Mood Sensing Blanket Proves Life Is Better In First Class

If you can afford to spend £3,000 on a first class ticket then you are probably pretty content with how your life has turned out so far, however British Airways wanted to make sure that life is better in first class. Just in case there were any doubts.

So in order to test it out British Airways developed a mood sensing blanket which receives messages from the neurones in the brain and transmits what the person is feeling to the blanket they are wearing via a bluetooth signal. An EEG device was paired with a fibre optic cloth to create the happiness blanket.

The blanket senses your mental state and changes colour accordingly, blue indicates that a person is in a relaxed happy state, red indicates that someone is annoyed or anxious.

The blankets were tested on an 8 hour flight where people where in a variety of different states such as eating, drinking, watching movies and playing video games.

It hardly comes as a surprise but they discovered that larger beds, a full course meal, champagne and a selection of video games and movies are enough to keep people content on an 8 hour flight. Shocker.


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One thought on “Mood Sensing Blanket Proves Life Is Better In First Class”

  1. They wouldn’t dare do that in coach! The enire cabin would be a blaze of red fury and the flight attendants would fear for ther lives

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