LG’s G Watch has a smartphone processor inside

Google thinks it’s finally time for smartwatches. Its Android Wear collaboration with LG goes on pre-order today in 12 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

The G Watch might only be a wearable, but inside beats the heart of a smartphone… processor. Behind the 1.65-inch (280 x 280) IPS display, there’s a substantial Snapdragon 400 chip — the same Qualcomm processor found inside the Galaxy S4 Mini. Below, we’ve got the whole spec rundown, and we’re told the G Watch will be available for $229.

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Google To Set The Standards For Base Price Phones

You get what you pay for, buy a cheap iPhone on Craigslist? Well it could either be a fake or it could be a useless piece of trash, spend the cash on one? You get a great experience. Buy a good Android device at a decent price? You get a good Android experience, buy a cheap Android device? Then you get a cheap experience.

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Google Bringing Material Design To It’s Platforms

Google is bringing a new UI to all of it’s interfaces known as material. The design is now going to be implemented in a bid to create a new ‘visual language’ for users. The design is going to take advantage of more available space and bring a more consistent user experience to both mobile and desktop operating systems.

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Google Fit Is Google’s Answer To Health Tracking

When WWDC took place earlier this year I said that it was clear fitness and health tracking combined with technology is clearly becoming a ‘thing.’ It is no surprise then that at Google I/O, Google’s yearly conference, to see Google take the wraps off their own health initiative.

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Ballloon Extension For Chrome Saves Images With One Click

Ballloon is an extension for Chrome that saves images to your dropbox or Google Drive with just one click, bypassing the entire downloading steps process. Traditionally you would have to right click the image you want, select save and then decide on the destination of the image.

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tower in india

UK Government To Make Providers Share Signal Towers?

Mobile phone providers in the UK could be possibly forced to share signal towers in rural areas so that they can boost reception for users. Ministers have put forward a plan for approval to prevent situations where only one of the major providers may be available in an area of the country.

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