Uber Family Arrives In New York

Uber likes to trial new services in New York! Recently they announced a courier trial to launch in Manhattan before looking at expansion to other areas. Well now they have launched the Uber Family service in the New York area as it looks to target even more new customers.

Here is what it looks like and how it works.

The company is calling it uberFAMILY but for ease of typing we are just going to call it Uber Family for this article. Basically they Uber service takes what it does best and does so well and adds a child seat to it.

In terms of safety and ease of use this is a big step forward. It also adds $10 to your ride however that is a small price to pay for a safe trip. There is no update to the app required, it is good to go straight away as it is.

All you need to do is enter, “FAMILY” into the promo code page, your next ride automatically becomes an Uber Family ride, simple as that.

On the app¬†there’s an option for “Family” in the bottom row that’s selectable after inputting the promo code. At the moment the offer is exclusive to the New York area and there is no word if and when it will be extended to further new areas that Uber operates in.

Its a great addition though to what is a very popular service.


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