Goat Simulator Update Is Coming – Prepare For Parkour

Some time ago we ran an article about Goat Simulator and asked if it was pushing the boundaries of ‘sensible simulators’ and was it simply too much. Even the games developers have poked fun at it themselves however, goat simulator quickly gained high volumes of hype and soon people were downloading it and in high numbers too. Some out of curiosity, others became fans of the game.

I guess we are all wondering the same thing by now, what is next? Where is the series going now? Or is that all there is to offer?

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Apple And Nike Partnership On The Cards?

It all seems to be heading that way at the moment, Nike has been involved in the wearable technology market for some time now and has created one of the more popular experiences out there at present in the form of the Nike FuelBand. 55 out of 70 people on the hardware team that makes the Nike FuelBand were reportedly let go last week according to a source from CNET and apparently Nike are turning their attention to focus more on the software side of the app in iOS as opposed to hardware. With the possible iWatch coming from Apple it makes sense.

So what will Nike do now? And what exactly are they starting to focus on instead?

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Android Voice Commands To Go Universal?

Voice commands are becoming more of a ‘thing.’ Microsoft recently entered the scene with Cortana, Apple has had Siri for some time now, Blackberry is rumoured to be testing the field and apparently Apple are looking at bringing Siri to the Apple TV. Well what about Android? Rumour has it that Google are preparing to go all out on voice commands and have them…well…everywhere!

Apparently Google wants you to be able to bark orders and instruction at your device no matter where you are on the device.

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How-To: Clean Your Apple Trackpad

The trackpad is a vital tool especially if you use a MacBook. Now I will fully admit that last week I was at my MacBook Pro and I opened up a can of coca-cola. Two drops, literally just two drops hit the trackpad, I thought ‘no big deal’ and wiped it with the sleeve of my jumper. However, the cursor on the screen developed a mind of it’s own, it started jumping around, opening applications, opening windows, playing videos, opening tabs.

I couldn’t get it to stop, I tried resetting the PRAM, I tried rebooting and nothing was helping, the cursor was still doing whatever it wanted. I managed to find thanks to Google what was actually going on though.

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Is Siri Coming To The Apple TV?

Siri, some love her, some hate her, some just forget she is even on your iPhone in the first place. I must admit, I am not a heavy Siri user, I mainly use Siri to change to a new music track in the car when I am driving, occasionally for checking the weather if I am feeling too lazy to open the app or to set a reminder.

With all that in mind, would you use Siri if she was on the Apple TV? Are you any more inclined to buy an Apple TV if Siri was present? Or would it put you off completely, because it looks as if Apple is heading in that very direction.

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You Can Now Get The OS X Beta! But Is It A Good Idea?

You, yes thats right, you! You can now get the OS X beta for upcoming releases if you of course have an Apple Mac. Previously you had to be a developer to get your hands on the beta versions but Apple has now decided that anyone can avail of the programme. Simply go to the Apple website, access the developer portal, sign up for the programme and Apple will seed the latest beta to you. Go ahead and install it for free and you can have the latest version of OS X before public release!

However, is this a good idea? I mean the latest software could sound pretty good to some users, but is there a risk associated with doing this? Also, if there is a risk, then just how big of a risk is it?

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