Simulator games getting out of control?

It all started with Microsoft flight simulator. That was the first big simulation game to take the world by storm and I admit I was a big fan of it. Even better was that the online modding community created add-ons which elevated the whole experience into a new dimension. I remember having add-ons for Aer Lingus aircraft, commuter jets and even Dublin Airport in detail.

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Smartbulbs – Connectivity at home is the future

Connectivity. It is growing at a huge rate, and that can be seen in the large scale production of what is being dubbed, “smart appliances.” Remember movies such as the fifth element? Set in a ultra modernistic land with cars flying through the air and homes that were full of tech swag?

Well we have not quite reached such a time as that and we will high likely never see a time like that, however our homes are without a doubt becoming more advanced and more connected than ever before. It may not be noticeable straight away but there are now products on the market that can be controlled by the use of your smartphone. Appliances we use on a regular daily basis and one of those is the lightbulb.

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How To – Setup Apple Mail

Apple mail, the default mail client for OS X is a great piece of software which is quick to set up and really easy to use. The days of checking email on a web browser seem to be dying out fast as people prefer to use web clients or 3rd party programmes to view, reply to and organise their Email folders.

With some people possibly unfamiliar with Email clients or people who still find the Email scene a bit daunting, lets have a look at how to set up the Apple Mail programme for the very first time.

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iBeacon – An enhanced ballpark experience is coming

Have you heard of iBeacon yet? Well if you haven’t then you are probably not alone. iBeacon is a small device which connects to your iPhone via bluetooth technology to expand location services in iOS. This season, 20 out of the 30 teams in the MLB will implement the technology for the very first time.

For the Giants, technology is seen as a way to engage with the fans, “mobile and digital experiences are paramount to our fan experience,” said Bill Schlough, the Giants chief information officer.

The Giants have been one of the most technologically progressive organisations in baseball over recent times. In the early 2000′s cellular reception was introduced into the stadium, in 2004 the stadium was turned into a public wifi hotspot and at present there are 1,289 wifi antennas providing connectivity on site for fans.

19 iBeacons are located at the entrance and exit of the ballpark, this is the minimum number required by the MLB however some stadiums vary with Dodger stadium having 65 iBeacons. This is more than likely due to the sheer number of ways one can enter Dodger stadium.

The iBeacons will be used to check fans in on entry to the stadium provided they have the ‘MLB – At the ballpark’ app installed on their iOS device with the bluetooth turned on. The app is available on both iOS and Android and will provide maps, concession info, video clips and the ability to upgrade your seats – however only Apple users will be able to obtain the full iBeacon experience.

Once you have checked in teams can push notifications to your device with relevant offers and promotions. Don’t worry about it turning into a spam bot though, the new software is going to be heavily monitored and regulated by the MLB so as not to take away the experience from game day. Users can also choose to opt out of the notification programme altogether if they wish.

The expectations are that the MLB will allow teams to get more creative one the iBeacon technology has settled in and fans become familiar with it. Until then, Schlough’s trying to figure out how to best use iBeacon to service one of the most tech-savvy fan bases in the MLB at present.



Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero’s – Snake Returns (In Big Boss Form)

I remember when I first ‘got into’ Metal Gear. It was the Metal Gear Solid game for the PS2 which ignited a huge interest of mine in the entire series, so much so that I can remember the sequences of the game in chronological order. So much so that when I returned to Shadow Moses when playing as Snake in Guns Of The Patriots I felt a certain sense of nostalgia.

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Watch Dogs Gets A New Trailer – Internet Craves It Even More!

Have you seen it yet? Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Watch Dogs detailing the city of Chicago. And it looks beautiful, in fact it is safe to say that the delay in the time it will take for the game to arrive looks like it will not go to waste. Check it out below, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are you pre ordering Watch Dogs?


Microsoft Office For iPad – It’s A ‘Thing’ Now!

Rumours have been circulating quite some time now about the possibility of Microsoft Office being available for iPad. Well yesterday Microsoft officially made it a ‘thing’! So is it worth the wait? Or have Microsoft arrived to the party too late? Let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the bottom line.

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inFAMOUS – Welcome to next gen

Attention all gamers, next gen gaming is finally here! Although maybe not in full form yet but we will touch on that later. However, if you are an owner of a PS4 then welcome to what we can safely say is the first true step into the next gen era.

Although we have had an array of games on PS4 already from FIFA to AC Black Flag, Tomb Raider and Madden among others. All of these games have somewhat felt as if developers are testing the waters, they have looked and played incredibly well compared to current gen games however very much felt like an upgrade of the current gen versions released this year. In many respects they somewhat are, and you can’t hold that against developers.

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