Facebook Will Continue To Make A Ton Of Money

We are the only people who are to blame for this. On Thursday, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg saw his net worth jump around $2 billion before he had even the opportunity to finish his breakfast.

Facebook’s stock surged from $71 to $76 a share just a day after the company announced it had made large amounts of revenue over the previous three months.

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Twitter To Improve DM’s

Twitter is about to start making much needed improvements to direct messages on it’s platform.

They recently announced that iOS and Android apps will be updated so that users can view their entire DM chat history on their devices, they are also planning on streamlining the process of deleting DM’s.

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Paralympics tops trending table

5 Twitter Mistakes You Should Not Make

So you are on Twitter, whether you are a new user or a regular tweeter, you are on what is personally my favourite social network. The big question then is, what do I do now? Do I share every waking moment? How do I get more people to follow me? What’s up with the bird?

Well here are five Twitter mistakes that you will never make again, and should maybe not have made in the first place.

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‘Bolt’, New App Or New Ad?

Instagram has us guessing, a little bit of a tease if you will.

An ad for a new app appeared mysteriously on Instagram on Wednesday, Android users reported seeing a banner style app-install advert on their Instagram feeds which, according to Techcrunch, features a “one tap photo messaging” app called Bolt.

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Using Pinterest For Business

So, you are a business and you are in or venturing into the world of social media. For many businesses this tends to go along the lines of, Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. YouTube? Check.

Pinterest is one of the more feared social networks for businesses to jump in to, however it can generate leads, sales and traffic if used in the right way.

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Fake Google+ Usernames Are Cool Again

Google+ has dropped its strict name policy from last Tuesday which means all you crazy kids and trolls on YouTube can go and change it to whatever you want.

In 2011 when Google+ launched, there were restrictions on users adopting fake names. Now Google is throwing all the rules out the window and allowing you to choose whatever you want as your name.

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